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Specialty Products

Montgomery Shop Equipment manufactures a number of specialty products which we hope you will find useful.   Some of the items are unique in the marketplace while others represent what we hope is a significant improvement over products which perform similar functions.   We use the best available materials, state of the art CAD/CNC manufacturing processes and design our products with the end user in mind.   Feedback from our customers is important to us so feel free to make design change suggestions.   Improvements made from end user suggestions often result in a "better mousetrap".

PCS-100 Precision Cylinder Square

  • Assures perfect parallel alignment of cylinder to boring machine column.
  • Each unit is uniquely calibrated to the user’s boring machine.
  • Eliminates having to rely on the block deck for cylinder alignment.
  • Allows absolute minimum material removal from cylinder.
  • Can be used on most boring fixtures where the boring machine mounts to a platform above the block such as Kwik-Way “EBF”, “048” or “054”, Berco “ACP” Series, Winona Van Norman “UBS or CB-22” Series & Rottler “F2”, “F3”,“F5” or “F8” Series.
  • Not for use on “Boring Mills” such as Berco “AC” Series or Winona Van Norman “VB” Series or on “Machining Centers” such as Rottler or RMC.

Conversion CBN/PCD Flycutter Heads

  • Single end design – eliminates all cutting insert adjustments.
  • Solid steel construction w/separate hub.
  • Conventional American-made turning tool holder w/readily available hardware.
  • Conventional RNG-32 (3/8” dia. x 1/8” thick.) CBN, PCD or carbide insert.
  • Supplied w/ hub puller & hex-wrench for insert clamp

Available for the following machine models:
  • Berco (Peterson)
    a. RSC-950
    b. RSC-1200
  • Scledum (Storm-Vulcan)
    a. RT-17Y
    b. RT-7
  • Winona Van Norman
    a. SM-2000 (Italian & American Manufacture)
    b. VM-2000 (Italian & American Manufacture)
    c. SM-4000, 5000 & 6000

Precision Sanding Block, PSB-12

  • Utilizes standard 1 ½” roll-cloth abrasive, any grit
  • Positive screw-clamp locking of abrasive.
  • Positive maximum tensioning of abrasive.
  • Rigid, flat sanding surface.
  • High quality 6061aluminum construction w/anodized components.
  • Useful for de-burring & preparation of any machined surface prior to inspection, re-machining or assembly.

Piston Pin Installation Vise, PPV-1

  • Positive screw-driven V-block clamping of piston.
  • V-block clamp allows rigid clamping of domed pistons and pistons w/rings mounted
  • Positive stop mechanism adjustable for pin offset, pin height & final pin position.
  • Removable front plate overhangs vise bottom to provide positive stop against workbench edge eliminating the need for permanent bench-top mounting.
  • High quality fully-anodized 6061aluminum construction w/ ½-13 L.H. steel clamping screw.

Heavy Metal Plotting Tool, HMPT-1

  • Uses the crankshaft journal to precisely locate & scribe the heavy metal installation radius.
  • Eliminates the guesswork associated with using an irregular or asymetrical counterweight O.D. as the reference point.
  • Allows each "slug" to be installed at the same radius, where desired, improving correction accuracy and overall job appearance.  "Slug" center to center spacing is easily plotted using a common set of dividers along the scribed arc. 
  • Reduces the amount of  "over-correction" needed, saving time and improving profitability.